The training methods practised by DOGZ Business are not only effective and easy to learn but achieve real and lasting results that YOU can use on your own without the need for ongoing lessons by a professional dog trainer. You will learn how to become a leader by incorporating your newly acquired skills with consistent and timely practices.

DOGZ Business training methods are primarily based on those developed by Alpha Dog Training. Alpha’s training methods are extremely effective and achieve real and lasting results. For further details about Alpha Training visit


DOGZ Business will show you how to establish and retain the leadership and trust over your dog through the learning of a simple and effective obedience pattern that every member of the family can use. This will give you the tools to teach your dog to comply to your instructions on the first command each and every time (i.e sit, drop, come to me). You will also learn how to put your dog in a sit/drop and simply walk away without the dog breaking from the position until use the release word.

The obedience exercises will be taught under various distractions to ensure the integrity of the learning pattern and the overall leadership over your dog (i.e squeaky toys, balls, people will be used as distractions).

With the leadership established and the pattern learned you are now ready to go to the next level, the behaviour modification module. This module will teach you how to stop your dog displaying unwanted behaviours such as jumping on people and/or the furniture, not coming when called, barking, chasing the kids, inconsistent stays in a sit/drop position, and so on. DOGZ Business will also show you how to further enhance the leadership over your dog by the use of shaping exercises that will turn your dog into a highly obedient and well mannered dog – something you thought could never be achieved to such a level!


Each training session is 90 minutes in duration and is conducted in your home or chosen location. A comprehensive written Action Plan compliments all training packages. The action plan is a step by step guide that explains how to continue the training regime and behaviour modification exercises to further reinforce the overall obedience, leadership, trust and overall good behaviours between you and your dog. DOGZ Business are so confident in the effectiveness of the training method that we GUARANTEE RESULTS.  IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS YOU RECEIVE A FULL REFUND!

You will also receive detailed leadership notes to refer to when practicing your training and behaviour modification exercises.

You will also receive ongoing support by DOGZ Business as we are only a phone call away.


While the number of lessons for each client varies, it is recommended that you book between 2 – 4 sessions to gain a good understanding of the training method.


DOGZ Business offer three training options which have been carefully developed to meet the needs of all clients and their dog:

All Training Packages include
All Training Packages include a consultation with you and your family to determine the specific training and behaviour modification needs. Residents of Sunbury and surrounding area are offered an obligation free training demonstration. The demonstration consists of a Quick Assessment of the dog(s) and, with the help of my dogs, a demonstration of the training method used and results that can be achieved.

At completion of the consultation we will discuss why your dog displays certain behaviours, how to stop the unwanted behaviours and reinforce the good behaviours using a simple and highly effective training method. With the assistance of Beaufort and Kelly (DOGZ Business demo dogs) the training sessions will commence to with the learning of a pattern through various obedience exercises and how to transfer that pattern and apply it to the behaviour shaping exercises.

A comprehensive written Action Plan is also included as part of every training package. The plan will provide a step by step guide on how to continue the training regime and behaviour shaping exercises to further reinforce the overall obedience, leadership, trust and good behaviour between owner and dog.

Obedience Training/Behaviour Shaping
Obedience Training/Behaviour Shaping classes consist of two or four sessions which are conducted in your home or chosen location. DOGZ Business tailors the training to suit your needs and will address all the issues that you are experiencing with your dog.

Follow-up Consultations
Follow-up Consultations are available if you wish to revise and further enhance the training methods that were shown to you during the initial training sessions. Other training options such as advanced obedience training can be incorporated into a follow-up consult.

Boarding School
Your dog will undergo intensive obedience and behaviour modification training while boarding at DOGZ Business residence for five consecutive days. At the conclusion of the training your dog will be returned to your home where a 2 hr handover session is conducted to show you how to continue the training regime and good behaviour shaping exercises in order to maintain and reinforce the leadership over your dog.


Depending on your choice of training option you will pay from $262.50 for two sessions which is well worth the money once you see the positive change in your dog’s behaviour and overall level of obedience. Results are guaranteed so if you are not happy with the results you will get a full refund. For full details on the fee structure refer to the rates page.