Dog Walking

How it works

Regular exercise plays an important role in improving the physical fitness and overall wellbeing of your dog.

Whether you are too busy to exercise your much loved dog; are temporarily or permanently incapacitated; or away on holiday or business, DOGZ Business can help.  The dog walking service is tailored to suit both dog and owner, by adapting to the current fitness level of your dog and walking your dog at a time that suits YOU!

Dog walking
Dog walking
Dog walking

At DOGZ Business I offer three dog walking options:


for the elderly, very unfit dog or those undergoing rehabilitation


for moderately fit dogs or those needing to maintain or improve their fitness level (30 mins walks)


for the agile, highly driven and active breeds (40 mins- 1hr)

Walking Arrangements.

Your dog can be walked locally or arrangements can be made to take your dog by car to its favourite spot. Please note that for safety and insurance restrictions your dog will remain on the leash at all times while under the care of DOGZ Business. Off leash dog parks are not supported by DOGZ Business and therefore cannot be offered as part of the dog walking service. For information on prices please refer to the RATES section on this website.