Pet Sitting

What is Pet Sitting?

Pet Sitting is defined as “the act of caring for a pet in its own environment while the owner is absent”.

Most Australians consider their pets as part of the family and are continually looking at ways to improve their quality of life.  Pet Sitting is a rapidly growing industry with more and more pet owners opting to leave their pets at home to be cared for by a Pet Sitter.

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How it works

This is where DOGZ Business can help you!

As an alternative to kennelling, we offer a professional pet sitting service that comes to your home to care for your pet. A standard visit includes a general health check, feeding your pet(s), replenish water supplies, administer medications as required, dispose of waste (i.e clean out kitty litter tray/back yard duties) and give plenty of cuddles and attention to those who need it. For the more active dogs an energetic game in the back yard or a walk can be arranged.

DOGZ Business strive to ensure your pet(s) are given the expert care and attention that you would expect and care for your animals like they were their own.

Staying active

A dog walking service is available at a reduced fee if combined with the pet sitting service.  Please refer to the Dog Walking section on this website for detailed information and the Rates section for information on prices.

As part of the pet sitting service you will be sent updates on your pets’ progress via email, txt message and/or facebook. Just knowing that your pet is happy and content will ease your mind and make your time away more enjoyable.

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Some advantages of using my pet sitting service are: