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Puppy classes are held in your own home to address all the unwanted behaviours that occur within the household. Included in the three session training package we will cover the obedience based exercises, loose lead walking and socialisation (my three dogs will be present at each session to teach your puppy all about interacting and socialising with other dogs).

Puppies are accepted from nine weeks to approx. 12 months of age. All puppies must have their initial vaccination (C5). Vaccination certificates must be sighted prior to commencement of class.

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Puppy school

How it works

The purpose of Puppy Pre-school is to help owners raise healthy, good mannered, well socialised, and confident puppies.

Classes are run by Kristin (owner/operator of DOGZ Business) and her dogs who will demonstrate how a well mannered dog should behave.  Classes are conducted in a safe and controlled environment and practiced in realistic settings. It is important that puppies encounter real distractions so both owner and puppy can get the most out of the training sessions

The training is designed to cater for all puppy behaviours including unwanted behaviours such as aggression.

Over the duration of the program you and your puppy will learn the following important information:

Reading your puppy’s body language and respond appropriately;

Conducting health checks on your puppy (head to tail examination)

Developing effective training techniques for positive behavioural development;

Basic obedience exercises;

Important tips on acceptable behaviour in public areas;

Understanding the need for socialising and how to desensitise your puppy in different situations ;

Introducing appropriate rules and boundaries for building a well mannered dog;

Introducing puppy to other puppies, people and other animals and what is considered acceptable play; and

Developing a strong bond and sound leadership skills between you and your puppy.

For further information contact Kristin

Call us on: 0428648833.